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Together, let’s reach a deeper commitment.

Happy end of December family. We hope that you have spent the last 12 months growing, loving and learning. Regardless of the situations that may have become a part of your life journey we want to wish you a very happy January 1st and a joyous and prosperous 12 months.

While we are together let's do a quick check in.

Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet place, maybe light a candle (for me, I'm currently burning "Love Yours" by Ki. Meishon) and let's make some lists!

Let's ask ourselves some serious questions. Can we take a deep dive?

Firstly, what are 5 things that we have gratitude for? This could be a person, an accomplishment, or a goal.

Next, where are the places of opportunity? This means after a short review session, are there any places that you can grow, any new levels that you can reach or places that need more attention? Select 5 places of opportunity.

What went well this year?

What were some of your biggest hurdles and what tools did you use to push through?

What will you change going into the next calendar year?

What goals will you carry into 2024? Can you make a list of doable action items to cross these goals off the list?

Entering 2024, what ways will you connect deeper with yourself? What rituals will you add to your regimen?

Lastly, share some of your responses in our comment section. Building community with our readers is at the top of our list for 2024. Let's hold each other accountable and lean on each other.

Peace and many many blessings. May good health, good love, and abundance follow you for all of your days. -Kianna S.

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