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The advantages of sound healing are numerous and relate to the various ailments that it can be used to treat. Our clients have reported feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and experiencing better sleep after just a few sessions of sound healing. We utilize sound healing in our energy sessions as it is thought to release and eliminate blockages and toxins, enhancing the healing process.


An energy balancing session includes intuitive guidance, sound therapy, crystal healing, and aromatherapy. After each session, there will be an overview and instructions for aftercare.


Energy therapy sessions are an advanced service that targets a specific area of the energy body using various modalities. The goal is to bring suppressed emotions to the surface and create space for accountability and clarity. The therapy involves releasing deep-rooted issues on a soul level, and includes homework and additional follow-up for support.


Our readings are personalized to your unique situation, providing you with guidance that speaks directly to your heart and soul.  We provide insightful interpretations of the card pulls, helping you to understand their meanings and apply them to your life. Our oracle reading is available online, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Unsure of what service to book?

During this consultation, we will learn about your needs, explain our services, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We will recommend next steps to create a personalized healing plan that fits your individual wellness journey.



Hi, I'm Ki

Certified Energy Practitioner, Herbalist, Breath-work facilitator, Sound and Somatic Therapist  Reiki level III 

I am a Certified Reiki and Energy Practitioner and founder of The Healing Well Studio in Atlanta, GA. I use my empathic gift to identify the root cause of what may be manifesting as toxic energy or behaviors in my client's lives, helping them achieve their goals and live their best soul-aligned life. My goal is to inspire the awakening of divinity in as many people as possible.

Our Mission

In 2020, our brand was created to form a community of like minded people that desired to incorporate natural products, healthy living and self healing into their daily lives. We believe self care is multifaceted and can be simplified through intention and daily rituals. 

Our Community

The Healing Well studio empowers our community through wellness events using different healing modalities and practitioners. The intention behind these events is to bring together like-minded people into a safe space that fosters the intention of a collective shift in consciousness .

Intentional Wellness Tools

 Our brand was founded with the simple passion of helping our client's maintain a balanced and nourished lifestyle. Recognizing that everything is energy, we create products as tools that focus on the specific energy points of the body and chakras and use these maps as tools for holistic health and total body wellness.

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