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Organic. Intentional. Soul Deep.

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Meet our founder: Kionna Cooper

As the founder and chief visionary of Ki Meishon, Kionna Cooper is a respected  certified energy healing practitioner that infuses her knowledge in this space energetically in the creation of organic based products . Under her leadership, Ki Meishon has grown to be a professional brand, servicing  customers internationally.

Our mission is to offer tools to refine self-care practices, so that holistic wellness is accessible whenever needed. By supporting unique healing journeys, our hope is that together,

we can empower you to connect with a deep sense of wellbeing, at home and wherever you go.

rooted in organic

We hand select our ingredients and order from the best suppliers to ensure an organic experience with our  products.  We are clean ensuring by our formulas are free of artificial colors, fragrances, and alcohol.

Image by Annie Spratt
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unequivocally intentional

Intention is at the center of our product offerings. We are committed to assisting people on their personal healing journey. Our products are created to be used as a supplemental  extension to personal self care routines.

soul deep

We believe intentional self care is necessary for  healthy living, which is why we create products to assist with this journey. A clear body, mind and spirit allow for an internal soul deep connection.

Image by Ashley Batz
Touching the Surface

our commitment to healing

"I founded Ki Meishon to affirm my commitment to healing. I'm committed to healing myself and assisting others on their journey to heal themselves." - Ki

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