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Love: a ritual

Updated: Feb 7

Webster defines Love as: 1. a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons. We all know Love to be a verb, an action word. On this journey to ultimate understanding of self, it is imperative that we are in constant practice of love. But, what if we put a spin on the mainstream idea of Love and practice love as a ritual.

A ritual is defined as : the established form for a ceremony. For a second, close your eyes and imagine love as a ceremony. A true devotion, to self and to others.

As we move into February, a month where LOVE is elevated and outwardly present we, challenge you to explore love as a ceremony or ritual.

When we practice ceremony, we are focused, intentional, devout and confident. Let's take those same actions as we experience, offer and create Love. Ultimately this means looking at love as an elongated experience. One that is circular and not linear.

Try taking some time to dive into deep self love, by creating ceremony devoted to yourself. This can look like long candlelit baths, a hand written note to yourself with encouraging words, or affirmations, it can even look like taking more intentional steps for our daily experiences with ourselves (my new favorite ritual is hydrating my skin after my baths. Which is basically three layers of luxury lotions and body oils deeply massaged into my skin. Here is one of my favorite body butters)

An example of Love as a ritual may look like a night in, a long candle lit shower, a dedicated moment in stillness, or journaling, then an intentional healthy meal.

Love as a ceremony with others for instance our children, could look like soft time together playing, or painting that may turn into making dinner together or snuggling.

In partnership love, if we identify Love as a ceremony we are given the opportunity to romanticize love in a way that creates fluid energy, and space for growth.

In grieving love, it may look like creating a ceremony for your loved one, spending intentional time in thoughts and prayers toward their spirit and your life together. It can also look like a time to honor them, in a moment or even in several hours. It is about creating a ceremony as a way to express love.

By challenging the current construct of the way we allow love to flow through us, the way we are accustomed to recieve love we stretch, we feel deeper, and more intensely. Our relationships with self and with others can only intensify if and when we change our daily actions both with and toward love.

I can't wait to hear the way you are practicing Love as a ritual and creating intentional intimacy with ceremony. Leave us your story on the comments.

With constant love and blessings.

-Kianna S.

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