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5 Tips for Surviving Trigger Season

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Fall is here and the holiday season is currently loading. The holidays can either be full of warm buttery joy or they can be a reminder of tough times, missed loved ones, and even unaccomplished goals. At KM, we aren't here for the trauma ......

So we've compiled a list of 5 tips to help you push through trigger season with love, joy, and ease.

Disclaimer* Ultimately, there is no real way to push past grief during this time but, what you can do is mitigate the emotions by doing something in honor of the person you are grieving.

Let's get into it:

  1. Be with your Tribe.

It's time that we understand that our birth family may not always be the healthiest family to be around. The Aunts want to know "when you will be married or have children", The cousins want to talk mess and gossip about others, and the Uncles want to ask about your ex that they loved so much. That time is done. Call up your tribe and celebrate your way. Bring the yummy holiday menu, the crafted beverages, and the desserts full of cheer.

If you are still looking for your tribe call a friend. Maybe it's just one good friend that feels like home. Invite them over for dinner to celebrate the holidays or crash their family dinner.

**Are you in Atlanta and want to be apart of a community of people that are prioritizing their journey through breath-work and sound healing? Click here to join the KM community on November 18 at the highly anticipated Soul Free event, you may just find your tribe this holiday season!

2. Get cozy

Settle in for a nice weekend watching your favorite old movies, make your favorite recipes, call your favorite aunt, cousin or sibling, and have a chat. You can do this with someone or do it alone. The fact is, that getting cozy allows us to create the comfort that we need during this season.

3. Give

Do something nice for someone that you know. Perhaps you can help an elder from your neighborhood, there may be a parent that could use a hand with the children, or a friend that needs a little extra love. Whatever you select, giving will always boost energy, and expand the heart.

4. Show Thanks

So many of us are missing loved ones during this season and it's very difficult to power through. What we have learned, is that doing something in the honor of someone or in their memory helps comfort the heart. Maybe your loved one had a favorite activity, hobby, or something they really enjoyed. Spend some time in that activity in their honor. It could be something fun like skating, or something helpful like gardening. When you decide to do something to honor the life of the person, you bridge the gap that you may feel in your heart.

5. Get outside

When the winter blues starts to kick in get outside! Pick a winter activity and jump head first. Something like going for a morning or evening walk, spending an afternoon ice skating or for the colder climates just standing out on the porch, stoop or balcony can draw in a new and different energy. Allow that to rejuvenate your spirit.

A little bonus because you know how we roll:

A few journal prompts for those that leave it all on the paper-

What feelings show up when I think about the holiday season?

What tips from the above list will I commit to trying this winter?

What new traditions will I be creating for myself and what traditions will I let go?

The winter/holiday season can be challenging. It's not just you, it's actually challenging for most folks. We invite you to dig deep and find spaces of joy during this time, meet a new friend, call an old one, or just be still. Understand that even during this challenging time we can actively choose to lean into the softer feelings rather than those that drudge up trauma and pain. Be in your joy family.

- with deep love,

Kianna S.

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Chandler Williams
Chandler Williams
Nov 05, 2023

Very good read! During the time and season change, these are important tips for self-care to keep your morale up ❤️


Thank you! This is so helpful as the holidays can be triggering for me at times due to not having my mom physically here. I love these tips to shake up that energy and enjoy the winter and holiday season. I'm definitely going to get outside and soak in the air as I continue to navigate grief! Thank you!

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