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The Joy in Being Still.

The time has come for all to be merry and bright. Holiday season is a time of collective giving, receiving, and a time to be still.

Now, I know you are probably wondering "Be still!? Sis, there is no way" But..what if we told you, the greatest joy this season may be found in being still?

Here are a few simple but effective ways to find stillness during the busy season.

  1. Find solitude in stillness.

2. Establish a stillness ritual.

Decide on a day of the week. Select a time and select a practice. Stillness for me, feels like settling into a meditation with my Ki Meishon- candles burning. A stillness ritual for you could be placing your phone on dnd for a duration of time and just sitting and thinking. It could also be soaking in a hot tub with everything on "mute." Explore practices of rituals to find one that soothes your soul.

3. Express gratitude

Slowing down and settling in stillness also creates a space for gratitude. Gratitude helps generate growth by showing thankfulness for things that we have received already. In your stillness try to think of 5 things that you are presently grateful for.

Practicing stillness may seem difficult at first because we are normally very busy. However as you begin to float into a constant practice it will get easier and easier. There is one thing that will definitely come from the practice of stillness - and that is JOY.

We look forward to hearing about your practices of stillness and ritual. Share some of your practices with us in the comment section.

All my best

-Kianna S.

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1 Comment

Franki Cones
Franki Cones
Dec 20, 2023

There is joy in being still. Although my system is so use to chaos, I am finding so much relief in being still and supporting myself in a different way instead of operating in chaos. Thank you for this reflection and insight.

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