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Self-Care Activities to Try Based On Your Love Language

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

KM wants you to fill your own cup. Learn what activities would be best to treat yourself best based on how you receive love.

If you haven't already heard about the five love languages, it will change your whole perspective on how you receive and give love. The five love languages is based on a book by Gary Chapman. He goes into detail that we give and receive love in 5 different ways including acts of service, quality time, physical touch, gifts and words of affirmation. In this blog post, we are going to take our love language and use it to guide us to self care.

If you haven't already taken the test to determine your love language,

Here's the link:

Down below are each love languages, a description about them, and how you can use it to understand yourself more. I've also included activities to help flourish self love. Now lets get into it!

Acts of Service:

Acts of service is the definition of actions speak louder than words. In a traditional relationship with a partner, someone with acts of service love language would appreciate you trading your time. Whether its doing the dishes, cleaning the house unprompted, taking care of something your partner doesn't like to do. etc. In a self care situation its a little turned around because when you want someone else to help you with something. This would work with prepping to the max for optimizing relax time. So, taking a day to crank out all of your stressors so the rest of the week is organized. This can include hiring out the things you do not want to do:

Some ideas include:

- Hiring a cleaner

- Order pick up groceries

-Use tech to your advantage, use voice memo instead of typing long paragraphs

- Have a carafe of water by your bed for easy access

- Use a portable charger so you can move around freely while your phone charges

- Have your bills on autopay

Quality Time

Quality time is about reserving your time for undivided attention. In a traditional relationship, this could be scheduling dates often, having shared activities together, having dinner together and more. For self care, it's more of the same idea. This includes reserving time to treat yourself and be with yourself.

Some ideas include

- Journaling


-Trying to cook a new recipe

- Reading

- Trying a new coffee shop alone

- Starting a solo hobby

- Go shopping alone

Physical Touch

Physical touch is all about non-verbal queues. In a traditional relationship, physical touch can be showing signals through touch that they are thought of and cherished. This could be in the form of touching each others legs while driving, a back massage after a long day of work, long hugs, holding hands and more. When it comes to self care for yourself, physical touch is a great way to build a strong connection with your body.

Some ideas include

- Getting a massage

- Massaging yourself with your hands or massage tool

- Doing yoga

- Stretching

- Buying a very soft blanket or robe for comfort

- Paint your nails

- facials


The gifting love language means that you accept love best though giving and receiving gifts. The gifts small or large show an extra token of appreciation and thought when picking up gifts. When it comes to self care gift giving is a great way to treat your self to something that means a lot to you.

Some ideas include

- Buying a piece of jewelry that could be a keep sake later on

- Buying something you have been waiting to buy and are ready to treat yourself for

- Purchasing a handmade item thats original / supporting a small business ( ☺️)

- purchasing something that is solely for your enjoyment

Words of Affirmation

The love language words of affirmation use positive encouragements to help fuel a traditional relationship and this could easily be transferred into sayings to use for yourself.

Some ideas include:

- Keeping a diary of positive things you love about yourself.

- Keeping sticky notes by mirrors saying positive things about your appearance.

- Doing meditations about appreciating yourself

- doing "nature walks" and saying things your thankful for

- Waking up and saying 3 nice things to yourself in the mirror.

Thank you for making it to the end of this post! I hope you glanced at some other love languages as there is things from each love language that could benefit your self care and wellbeing! KM is all about celebrating your wellness. If you like posts like this make sure to check out the related posts and follow us on social!

Xo, KM

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