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Strengthen your inner connection and faciliate self- healing with our Sakred Cacao harvested in Santa Marta, Colombia from the Arhuacosa tribe. Use this blend in ritual or ceremony, giving thanks to the Cacao medicine for its divine essence and all those who have carried on the plant medicine for centuries


Cacao benefits work best when fasted from food, caffeine, alcohol and any mind or (non-natural) body altering substance

Sakred Cacao

  • Sakred Cacao is a pure Colombian organic cacao blend that has been minimally processed at a Columbian Eco-farm, following artisanal techniques. This cacao that is traceable, sustainable and grown within a agroforestry system, following Permaculture methods that promote biodiversity and are good for the environment. 



    We are honored to have sourced this cacao within a mutually beneficial exchange where the cultural, spiritual aspects and health benefits of cacao bring us together as one.

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