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Sustainably sorced white sage has been used for centuried for it's cleansing properties but also smells great in it's natual, unlit form. These torch wands are the perfect size for cleansing your space or just to light briefly as a natural incense.


Sage torch

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    • before meditation or yoga. 
    • to cleanse a particular space after a disagreement.
    • to reduce airborne bacteria
    • to help you in your pursuit of mindfulness
    • to ground into the present

    1. Make sure to use a heat-proof bowl, tray or abalone shell to hold your sage bundle.


    2. Once you’re ready to engage, light the end of the sage bundle until it starts to smoke.


    3. Be sure to light the sage evenly, and — after letting it burn for a few seconds — the flame should go out on its own. (If it doesn’t, blow it out gently.)


    4. repeat your intention throughout the ritual, almost like a prayer.



    5. Then, you can carry your smoking sage throughout your house to clear your space — using the bowl to catch any ashes, of course — or carefully move it at a safe distance around your body. Be sure to crack any windows or doors and visualize getting rid of any negative energy to help focus your thoughts.

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