Our smokeless Sage spray is an alternative method just as effective as burning Sage. You spray it in areas that cannot burn such as work areas, offices, car, linen, yourself etc. Our smudge spray has an Amethyst crystal inside the bottle to amplify the energy of the smudge!


Amethyst is known for clearing negative energy and bad habits. It also invites optimism and spiritual awareness


This spray good for cleansing and clearing the energy of your stones/crystals


With this all natural smudge spray you can clear the mind and create positive energy without the smoke. Smudging also purifies the air from harmful bacteria. For best results shake well before each use.


  • We are committed to sourcing all of our materials used ethically.

    We strive to ensure that we are sourcing the right materials for you and we are constantly researching and improving our relationships with suppliers to ensure that this is happening.

    All products are cleansed and energetically charged before we send them out to you.

    We are also committed to using sustainable packaging where ever is possible, most of our packaging is recyclable. Any plastic packaging that we use, like bubble wrap for example is reused from our suppliers.