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Get your hands on our 7-piece set of mini discovery all-natural essential oil roll-ons, perfect for whenever you need a mood lift! These little gems can give you a burst of energy or a chill-out session, day or night. Our variety set includes all 7 of our essential oil blends, so you're all set!

Essential Oil Discovery Set

  • Our Aromatherapy line is proprietary blend of essential oils created to boost and expand your mood. These blends are crafted in a variety of scents with different intentions.


    These natural roll- ons  are popularly used on pressure points, temples, in hands for inhaling, on cuticles and even as a hair oil. From blends that invoke calmness and serenity to those that invigorate and energize, each blend is crafted in-house by  to guide you on your aromatic journey. Roll liberally!

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