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supports emotional well being*


A nourishing mood support formula traditionally for maintaining emotional well-being and a positive outlook.

Cloud 9 | Wellness Elixir Drops

  • an uplifting formula designed to be an herbal ally you can turn to for maintaining positive mood, and a brighter outlook, CLOUD 9 IS made with brightening herbs and flowers that bring light and nervous system support.


    While there are no magic bullets (especially in the herbal world as plants take their time to gently effect change), the uplifting herbs within this blend help make coping with moderate stress feel more feasible and attainable, which can make all the difference when the going gets tough.*


    Cloud 9 assists on a deeper level when taken daily and consistently over time, yet also acts as an in-the-moment tool. Over time, a sense of deeper resilience is supported thanks to the adaptogens and trophorestorative herbs.


    Who it's for: for anyone who needs  a tool that supports a positive mood in order to help you cope with daily stress in a healthy way.


    + A vegetarian herbal blend to assist your emotional well-being

    + Made with only pure, raw materials with no unnecessary fillers

    + There's no bad stuff —The remedy is free of contaminants, unspecified materials, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes

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