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Supports Detoxification*


Our blend of chlorophyll is harvested from white mulberry leaf for its ultra-healing benefits—including helping the body rid toxins by moving them as waste through the GI tract.*


Chlorophyll | Wellness Elixer Drops

  • Green plants are filled with healing substances, and one of the most potent among them is chlorophyll, the green pigment that enables plants to turn sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. 

    Boost your energy level and strengthen your immune system with KM Chlorophyll. Our supplement contains Chlorophyllin for better body absorption, and Spearmint for that naturally flavorful taste. Spearmint also gives coolness to the mouth, and a refreshing feel.

    Use for 

    • stimulating the immune system
    • eliminating fungus in the body
    • detoxifying your blood
    • cleaning your intestines
    • getting rid of bad odors
    • energizing the body
    • preventing cancer
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