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Tasting notes: mildly sweet, floral, earthy



Blue Lotus

  • Our Blue Lotus blend is like a little dose of magic in a cup. We've mixed Butterfly Pea Flower for its beauty perks and brain-boosting mojo with blue lotus flowers for an extra kick of lucid enhancement and color magic. The tea naturally brews up a striking blue hue, but add a splash of citrus, and you'll be amazed at the color transformation. It's the perfect companion for any moment—whether you're unwinding, pondering life, or hanging out with friends.


    But it's not just about the taste or the color—the blend also helps you find your balance. It's like a gentle nudge towards clarity, especially if you're someone who tends to overthink or feels a bit foggy-headed.


    We created Blue Lotus with one simple goal in mind: to brew up a tea that's more than just a beverage—it's a spiritual boost, a reliable tool in your self-care tool box

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