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  • Energy Cleanse

    Chakra Balancing Energy Sweep and sound bath to recharge your chakras with crystal and meridian therapy. Perfect for new and returning clients to realign and get centered. Listen to relaxing music with breath work as I realign your chakras; tapping into your auric field and raising your vibrations leaving you feeling lighter, relaxed & restored. Your aura and chakras are the energetic foundation of your body and everything you feel in your physical body begins in your energy body. Keeping it clean, energized and balanced is the key to mind, body, and soul alignment. In this session you will receive: - an assessment of the current state of your chakras and I will identify any blockages or imbalances. - a cleansing of all layers of your aura - a cleansing each of your 7 main chakras - a balance and alignment of your energy field so that your energy centers work together properly. - chlorophyll water to support your cleansing session.

  • Chakra assessment

    This is an assessment where I will tap into your energy field to give you a break down of which of your chakras are blocked, imbalanced or overactive. With my clairsentient gift I will intuitively give suggestions on how to realign your energy centers so that you can feel whole, connected and in alignment with your healing journey

  • Virtual Energy Healing Consultation

    In an Energy Healing Consultation, through conversation and intuitive gifts, Kionna helps you identify problem areas, patterns, and or trauma in your energy field. Kionna will explain her findings to create self-awareness, bring light, and healing to your past and present. During this consultation, Kionna will also help you explore what following sessions are the proper energetic fit. These sessions are designed to help you connect to your deepest desires while clearing limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, stuck energy, and unhealthy patterns.

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  • Plans & Pricing | Kimeishon

    There are no plans available.

  • SHOP ALL | Kimeishon

    SHOP BY CATEGORY CANDLES CRYSTALS SKIN + BODY HERBAL TEAS AROMATHERAPY OUR BEST SELLERS AURA CLEANSING SPRAYS FROM $15.00 MATCHA CLAY FACE MASK $18.00 TRIPLE ROSE FACE OIL $25.00 FLOW TEA $22.00 SEND LOVE Ki Meishon has a wide variety of gifts that will be sure to let them know they are loved. Shop our guide to find the perfect gift . LEARN MORE

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    ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BALANCE SHOP AROMATHERAPY CANDLES SHOP VIEW PRODUCTS SHOP VIEW PRODUCTS CRYSTALS SHOP APARREL VIEW PRODUCTS SPIRIT TOOLS SHOP VIEW PRODUCTS BOOK ENERGY SERVICES VIEW SERVICES We specialize in the integration of natural elements and holistic practices that focus on bringing the mind, body, and soul into harmony. FIND YOUR NEED To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Inner wellness Outer beauty Build your self-care routine with natural + clean solutions that nourish your inner and outer temple simultaneously. Outer wellness Inner beauty SHOP YOUR SKIN ROUTINE Relax | Reset | Restore The Healing Well studio by Ki Meishon offers various holistic services including Reiki, Sound Therapy & Energy cleansing. We focus on providing calming therapeutic services that support clearing the body and mind of worries and stressors. Our energy sessions help promote balance and facilitate healing in your body, mind, and spirit so that you feel confident and at home within yourself. ​ Located at Serenity Life Wellness 95 Cliftwood Dr NE Sandy Springs, Ga 30362 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT SHOP OUR BEST SELLERS FOR INNER WELLNESS To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. OUR FOUNDER Ki Meishon Certified herbalist, Energy & Sound therapist, Wellness Advocate Hi! I am Kionna, certified herbalist, energy practitioner, educator, founder and chief visionary at Ki Meishon. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I began studying several alternative healing modalities as a way to self heal emotional and mental residue that passed down generationally. On my journey to self heal, I discovered tangible tools from the offerings of nature that brung my body, mind, and spirit into harmony. During this self discovery, I completed my herbalist and healing practitioner certification. I started Ki Meishon after relocating to Atlanta, Ga as a means share my new found meaning of "balance" and educate my new community and family. My heart-set goal is to continuously create eco-friendly self care tools as a tangible way to show others that they can also self heal. I pride myself in looking to nature as true high vibrational medicine that is nourishing for the mind, body, and soul in order to reach complete wellness. Real Reviews from real customers COURTNEE My energy session with Ki was amazing. During our session I received so much clarity. Her energy sessions are life changing Service: Energy therapy session This oil is my go to in place of lotion. It smells soooo good and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and it doesn’t take a lot to oil my skin. A few drops here and there and I’m good to go! I have yet to be disappointed from any of KiMeshon’s products! Product: Citrus-Rose multi use oil KATREENA Deeply transformative. DEEPLY. The way she tunes in and connects are gifts from God. Service: Virtual energy cleanse LATESHA

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