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    Learn the Ki Meishon Knotless technique. This course is 4 hours and is available virtually or in person. The class consists of: - Learning the Ki Meishon Technique - product knowledge - additional tips and tricks - a hair journal + planner - a certificate of completion - a hair kit with everything you need for the class. - access to braid community group with other trained students - a video tutorial - student reference e book. As a follow up , free 1:1 look and learns are able to be scheduled based on availability.

  • Energy Cleanse

    Your aura and chakras are the energetic foundation of your body and everything you feel in your physical body originates in your energy body. Keeping it clean, energized and balanced is the first step to total health. In this session Kionna will: - Assess the current state of your chakras and identify any blockages or imbalances. - cleanse all layers of your aura - Cleanse each of your 7 main chakras - Balance and align all of your chakras so that they work together properly. Kionna will also provide a full detailed report with the findings and messages  from spirit that are given for you.

  • Energy Healing Therapy Session

    Energy Healing is a powerful restorative therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical emotional and mental dysfunction into health and well- being. This type of healing works through your chakras and electromagnetic field to foster deep healing on a molecular, cellular, soul level, and beyond. Kionna will address any blockages and open natural channels of your being at high vibrational level so that your mind, body and spirit function together properly. Then the body can work to reverse any dysfunction through its natural ability to heal itself. This  is meditative therapy that includes some or all of the following:  essential oils, crystals, sound, guided meditation, acupressure, guidance cards and more. In this session Kionna will: Assess your electromagnetic field for any blockages Identify and bring clarity to any emotional mental challenges Revitalize and move your Chi Energy into balance and proper flow Use intuitively guided modalities for a total body restoration. Kionna will also provide a full detailed report with the findings and messages  from spirit that are given for you.

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  • Iced Chai Tea Latte - a Ki Meishon Recipe

    There is nothing better than snuggling up with a warm chai tea latte but to be honest I still like to make the iced version of this favorite in ANY season featuring our sacral tea! Once you see how simple it is , you'll be making them all the time, trust me! What You Will Need Water – heat on the stove top until just warm enough to steep the tea bag. KI MEISHON Sacral (Chai) tea bag Ice – a full glass of ice is needed to chill the tea if you will be drinking it right away. Pure Vanilla extract – added for a dash of flavor. Maple syrup/ or Agave – a touch of sweetness! Unsweetened plant based milk- I use almond, oat or coconut or 1 batch of cold foam – this is where the chai tea becomes a latte! I love it with cold foam but if you are in a hurry you can just use some unsweetened plant based milk. Instructions Add water to a small sauce pan or tea kettle. Bring water to medium heat and add maple syrup/ agave and vanilla extract. Stir to combine and let maple syrup / agave dissolve. Don’t let water get super hot, just hot enough to be able to steep the tea bag. Add our KI MEISHON sacral tea bag and remove saucepan/ kettle from heat. Let steep 5-10 minutes. ( this is a good time to say the mantra - YES you can use this quick waiting period as a mindfulness moment!) 5. At this point you can pour the tea into a glass and place it in the refrigerator to use the next day or later that day. Alternatively, you can just let the tea cool a little and then pour over ice to completely cool – do whatever you prefer. 6. Add ice to a glass and pour tea over top. 7. Pour in unsweetened almond milk and stir to combine. 8. Alternatively, you can make a batch of cold foam/froth to pour over top. 9. Enjoy! A little info about our sacral tea: Our sacral tea is an herbal blend curated with the intention of balancing your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the energy center within our bodies having to do with creativity, sociability, and independence. This tea will guide you into the space of flow and allowance so that you can accept and feel what life has to offer for you! Of course it can be enjoyed hot or iced, but I wanted to provide a fun recipe so that you can start to shift your perspective and begin to view health and wellness as something tangible, creative and interesting! When we embody a balanced approach to life we begin to understand how everything is connected. If you haven't tried our Sacral tea, what are you waiting for? xoxo, Ki

  • I mean.. What does it really mean to be "grounded" anyway?

    In these times, everything that sparks circulation becomes a new trend. We're forced to face it. Tik Tok challenges , reposts, and re-shares are the new way of visual impact. Whether your choice is to dive in or not participate, I think "spiritual" trends that create a positive impact should be thoroughly explained so that they can actually be put to use. For example, like the term "grounding." Perhaps you have seen quotes about grounding, or heard advice like: "just ground yourself"..or ..."ground down" and you think to yourself.. I mean.. what does it really mean to be grounded anyway? Grounding isn't a new method of being. I just believe it seems more challenging to achieve with all of our to-do lists, distractions, and every day tasks. In fact to can sound unrealistic. The truth is, you don't have to be some guru, or expert to practice. You just need to be willing and open! I believe with a deeper understanding it will seem more feasible, and hopefully for some, a tool to be incorporated into every day life. To put it simply, grounding is basically balancing out the spiritual and physical energy in your body, by way of connecting. Grounding requires you to access yourself in a deep way so that you can be emotionally, mentally and physically present. When you are grounded, you feel like you are here, in the physical, and in the present. To be grounded gives your energy a point of steadiness and you will feel clear, centered, strong and focused. For some of us the term sounds so unappealing because it's associated with a term used in childhood as punishment. Subconsciously we may have already written off this tool in our mind because of its vibratory resonance with something that came after doing something wrong. It's kind of comical to think about it now, being grounded as a child essentially meant to remove all distractions and access ..and that can be translated the same in adulthood. The focus is to be present, not because you've done anything wrong, but so that you can be still enough to be grateful for all that you are, and to have the centered strength to move forward in life in peace; the ultimate adult goal. The hard truth? Most of us have adopted first world problems that include; the "grind" and "hustle." We have become so obsessed with what's next that we are neglecting ourselves and essentially more comfortable being outside of our body. We are plagued with anxiety and toxic relationships. We've become super control freaks, allowing fear to keep its hand on the wheels while simultaneously being our fuel. And the big one: we don't like ourselves enough to dig deeper and be still. We don't enjoy being in our own company. I am not talking about solo trips and self care dates. I'm referencing to the acceptance of who we truly are, flaws and all. If you don’t know who you are without the titles, responsibilities, and outside validation, it makes sense that sitting with essentially a stranger feels uncomfortable. To give an analogy, it's literally like we have outcasted our true selves as the "uncool" and labeled our representatives as the popular. Straight mean girls "you cant sit with us" style....except we aren't sitting at all. We are running...running full speed from ourselves. Going deeper requires you to face yourself, address your traumas and confront your ego. It might just feel better to dress it up and look the part to the outside world. Take a moment to ask yourself, "how productive is that to my growth?" 9 times out of 10 if you are new to meditation or grounding- your thoughts run the show. Through habit forming your brain has a reactionary way of thought spinning and regurgitated all that has been stored and absorbed over your life span. So when attempting to adopt deep grounding as a solo act, its normal for your thoughts to try to steal the shine. Anything worth it takes practice, so the first step is to lose all expectations. Grounding can be done anytime and anywhere , and in any mental state. It's purpose is to bring you back to center, which means when you begin you probably weren't in a calm or centered place. When you practice life in the present you are anchored and things around you are unwavering because you understand the importance of the now. Grounding is the key to working against depression and anxiety. Since depression is emotional turmoil caused by living in the past tense, and anxiety is emotional suffering by worrying about the future, grounded is the balance between both and ultimately the best place to be mentally. Depression and anxiety is simply just another diagnostic term for your mind state, and when looking for alternative solutions outside of chemical responders like medication or marijuana, grounding is the answer. In the last blog we talked about our energy centers, our chakras a little bit. We also have meridians, which our energy channels. These channels in the body are like little freeways that carry energy through our body. Meridians allow for the flow of energy, known as Qi (pronounced “chee”), to circulate throughout the body, and when factors like anxiety arise it's a sign of imbalance or in other words major traffic on your energetic highway. I'm referencing anxiety a little more because it is so common amongst my clients, and honestly something I felt like was energetically passed down to me during childhood. Grounding has helped me so much, and now I hardly ever let anxiety steer the wheel, let alone get in my car. Anxiety can be caused by fear, trauma , and unwanted energy. If you ever felt anxiety it is the COMPLETE opposite of zen, or centeredness. Anxiety is caused from an imbalance or "traffic" on the meridian highway between the heart and kidney organs, this is because Fire is represented by the heart. Too much heat can cause the heart’s relationship to the kidney to become unbalanced. The kidney is associated with water, and also fear. Not enough water means too much fire. Because the balance between the heart and kidney becomes disrupted, feelings of anxiety emerge. SN: When I speak about elements like water, fire , earth etc, I'm referring to the elements that make up the earth which relates to who we are as humans and the energy we are also made up of. Humans are intimately connected to nature, and our physical and mental health is influenced strongly by our environment. The “elements,” classically described in humoral theory as Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, all may impact our mental health. ( that is another blog for another day, but stay with me.. it all relates) If you battle with anxiety, I have created some energy charged elemental candles that can help assist you by burning them while grounding - like mentioned above I recommend water to help with the proper flow of energy and the earth elemental candle for stabilization.These will assist you with incorporating those concepts into grounding. Grounding helps the flow of Qi, it helps to slow down your nervous system, your circulatory system, which ultimately brings balance into the body, the mind, and the soul. The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is responsible for feeling “grounded”—for a sense of safety and security. Mastering grounding helps you stay connected to your higher self, the divine and your purpose. So, how do we ground? Now that I've explained a little on why it's importance and threw in a little anatomy and science... Let's get to the real bag. Below are just FEW ways to ground. There are way more but here are some that I love. I encourage you to try different things to see what works for you. Breath work - tuning into the breath and incorporating breathing techniques are extremely effective. Here is a book I recommend on breath work. Purchase here The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique This technique gets you to use all your five senses to help you to get back to the present. It starts with you sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and taking a couple of deep breathes. Now open your eyes and look around you. Name out loud: 5 – things you can see 4 – things you can feel 3 – things you can hear 2 – things you can smell 1 – thing you can taste Take a deep breath to end. Meditation - letting your thoughts come and go and grounding visualizations, sound therapy Grounding essential oils or sprays - I like to actually use this method most often because it works FAST , like under 30 seconds fast! Essential oils only take seconds to affect your nervous system! Don't worry , I have the perfect grounding mist , and it comes in travel size so you can keep it with you at all times, I got you! Tuning into nature - being outside, taking a walk, sitting against a tree, gardening etc. When you are physically and emotionally spent, you can return to trying these techniques to calm down your mind and body. Maybe different ones help at different times. Whichever one you choose, once you have calmed down and your mind stops racing, you are then able to look at situations more rationally and challenge any thoughts or emotions trying to boss you around. You aren't only tapping into you power- you are taking it back, realizing who you really are, and setting the tone of the personal relationship with yourself. You're going deeper so that eventually nothing will be able to disrupt your peace... and if you do happened to be triggered, it's all good. Return back to your grounding techniques and make it do what it do. As always I am here as a resource, so if you haven't found comfort in grounding on your own or maybe you want to know why there is traffic on your highway? You can book an energy consultation so we can get into identifying why. If you know what's up and you are ready to just clear out and actually experience what it feels like to feel peaceful and grounded- book an energy cleanse here. Until next time! love, light, + all the good stuff, - Ki Meishon IG: @ki.meishon | @shopki.meishon

  • Feeling Triggered?

    I recently did a instagram live covering different ways to release stored emotions. So many of us feel triggered, sometimes far too often, due to unresolved trauma and emotions stored deep within the body. As an energy practitioner, it is my goal to help you not only dig up those energetic roots, but I also aim to provide helpful tools as preventative measure, for healthy processing, and to keep that frequency of yours HIGH baby! The word healing is so trendy, and it continues to circulate as our generation begins to take on the role as Chief; governing a newly established tribe. Standing in our power, with the goals set at clearing the path and breaking generational patterns, we're also refusing to carry the weight of ancestral trauma, and committing to the mission of giving our offspring a fighting chance at peace. Not only are the ascending souls concerned with blood lineage, but we have also taken on the energy of what's best for the collective..... By setting intentions to alleviate the stress and mental anchors of our generation and by becoming a new generation of healers. We're opening our hearts these days with renewed faith and hope of a brighter tomorrow, we're breaking through the energy of just "settling" for the cards given.. We're reshuffling with new perspective and in turn creating better outcomes. Because there is a grave desire to know more, be more, and do more , it is only right that I accept my personal calling as a testimony and living witness to the catalyst of growth and change. To quote Anthony Hamilton "and the point of it all is....( I love you)" but also, that it's essentially everyone's incarnated purpose is to be of service to others.. and this is my way.. through the offering of transparency and wisdom. If you didn't catch the live, this is a great summary. If you did catch the gems in real time, this is a great recap with highlights and footnotes. Before we get into the tips on how to process our triggered emotions, let's define emotional trigger. An emotional trigger is anything — including memories, experiences, or events — that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood. Emotional triggers can be associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Everyone's manifested reaction can vary in outward expression, but the expression is always the after effect of the emotion. Our emotions are stored in our body, and don't just take my word for it..Science has known and is finally evolving and beginning to acknowledge the electromagnetic field, its purpose, function, and its capability of storing trauma. I'm talking down to your cellular make up, everything has been storing in your energetic field since the sperm met the egg. I know this information is a lot to process, but healing is indeed a journey so my advice is to buckle up, stay open to the flow and ride the wave of your healing journey.. its a beautiful ride. I've mentioned before that our chakras (energy wheels) function based on the state of our being. Imagine the chakras in your body as little computers that input and output information, (and in other words) project and absorb EVERYTHING. Our chakras are related to our glands and major organs so physical symptoms are a major key to informing you how you are REALLY doing. Recognizing these symptoms, is what I a call becoming the observer and "tuning in and deeply listening to the body." Emotional triggers are often felt in our heart space, while we do also store emotions in this area- I want to focus on the two chakras that the emotions are commonly hanging and getting far too comfortable in. Our Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. After feeling them in our heart, our emotions then filter down to our Solar Plexus chakra which is located directly over our abdominal area and intestinal tract. Our intestines are responsible for getting rid of any waste products and toxins from what the body consumes. So energetically, it makes sense that our emotions are stored in this area as well if we are are not energetically balanced. If you are constipated, not having regular bowel movements daily or experiencing diarrhea, IBS, cramping, bloating, chronic fatigue etc .. you are not processing your emotions in a healthy way and you are in fact storing toxicity. From an emotional standpoint you may experience fear, an unrelenting inner critic and comparison syndrome. When we DO began to release, this is also where you may feel it the most - in your bowel movements and your sacred bathroom sessions. Yes, releasing heavy emotions may have you on the toilet boo. The other common hang out spot for our emotional gang is our Sacral chakra. This is located right over the womb and genital area. This chakra governs reproductive systems and processes, creation, and our center for passion and pleasure. Physical symptoms include: yeast infections, UTI's , bloating, PH imbalance, bladder problems, kidney problems, and lower back pain to name a few. Now that you are aware of where emotions get stuck in your body... let's review tips on ways to release. The first step is to be honest about if you are ready to release or if you are avoiding feeling. Trying to rush this process is not in your best interest. Once you are ready and willing, set your intention or your mind to the frequency of GRACE. The second tip is allowing grace, and not being so hard on yourself my friend. No one is perfect, and we are NOT striving for perfection... we are striving for progression. The third tip is that you need to feel. Feeling means sitting with yourself, blocking out other's opinions and just facing yourself (use a mirror if that helps.) Keeping all of that in mind and in circulation, use the additional actions listed below to help you begin your HEALTHY emotional release. Herbs - in your bath, herbal steams, and herbal teas ( I have some great reiki charged tea I have personally curated HERE- I recommend the Solar tea, and Heart Tea, and keep a look out for our sacral tea ( coming soon) Prayer Taking a shower and using visualization Reiki charged candles - here are some great options HERE Crystal therapy Energy cleanses/ therapy sessions led by a certified energy practitioner - book with me HERE Free form journaling Tears ( a great option) sweating (exercise, movement, sauna) Meditation Sound therapy Creative outlets Massage Asking a friend to hold space ( be sure to ask) --- be very careful even when asking, that you do not become dependent on energy dumping. Yes, it is still energy dumping even with permission to do so. Of course there are a lot more ways to release, and since healing is not a "one size fits all" you have to try or do what resonates with you, if you need specifics, directions or assistance on any of the above and how to start- I HIGHLY suggest and intuitive consult, energy reading, or energy therapy by an expert or certified energy healer. In my opinion, it is A LOT easier than trying to dive in on your own, especially if you aren't FULLY aware of the energetic root cause. You will not always be aware of your rooted emotions, especially when your default is storing. It is common for you to come to a conclusion that is not entirely correct because your perception is not entirely balanced, and an energy practitioner can assist you with clarity, removing energy blocks, chakra activation, and DIVINE guidance that is tailored to your specific needs. You ready to work? ...Not sure but want more information?...Think you know but you need some confirmation?.. Start by booking an energy consultation! If you are currently my client and this is reminder that you need another session; book your energy cleanse or energy therapy session HERE (energy work requires a consultation first, NO exceptions) Remember that your process will look different from your homie, your family and even in comparison to your old self as you evolve- so please do not compare and get yourself stuck in that cycle. This is about you, and only you, the better you, the wiser you.... not for the gram. or the next tick tock... but really about the essence of you, your soul, and your journey here on earth. Your elevation requires communion with your higher self. I pray this blog gives you a deeper look at a different alternative, and serves a reference for you to come back to when you need it. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on topics for my furure IG lives or blog posts, leave a comment here or hit me in my dm on Instagram with some feedback. Do me a favor and share the blog, the lives, and pass the information along. Sharing wisdom is the best gift you can give. Energy is currency, and the goal is energetic wealth! thank you in advance, until the next time... love, light, + all the good stuff, - Ki Meishon IG: @ki.meishon | @shopki.meishon

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