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Thia body oil is the perfect way to add something special you bedtime routine! Enriched with calming lavender and sweet chamomile to calm anxieties and help promote restful sleep, it is the perfect addition to bath time, bed time, or chill time.



Scent profile: floral, soothing, sweet.

Lavender oil

PriceFrom $18.00
  • Bring peace and tranquility to your ritual experience with our
    soothing lavender oil. Made with organic French lavender flowers and Chamomile infused in a nourishing plant based oil blend.
    Use as a daily moisturizer massaging into damp, freshly cleansed skin every morning and evening or as needed.


    This oil is infused with love and works specifically with your crown and third eye chakras. You will find calming amethyst crystals floating inside each bottle, infusing healing energy into the oil.

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