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“Nobody can teach me who I am.” – Chinua Achebe


I Am : Lavender + Sandalwood

PriceFrom $28.00
  • With the it's grounding woody aroma, and aromatic Lavender, this empowering blend wakes up the senses and provides you with the assurance that you already are, and that you already have everything you need.


    Top:  herbaceous lavender, eucalyptus

    Middle:bergamot, amber, moss

    Base: sandalwood, cedar, patchouli


    Burn time: tin up to 40 hrs. Luxe up to 120 hours

  • Candle options

    - a reusable seamless 5 oz metal tin sprinkled with a variation of botanicals


    Our Luxe candle come in a fully recyclable matte cream 15 oz glass vessel packaged in a reusable canvas bag pressed with the corresponding affirmation. I am is topped with a Clear Quartz crystal (known for amplifying your intentions) along with a variation of botanicals.


    Note* herbs are handpicked and dried and will vary due to seasonal supply)



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