Enjoy a sensuous blend of rosebuds surrounded by delicate green tones, while a cloud of vanilla captivates your senses.


Our “Heart” candle was carefully curated with essential fragrance and herbs, and has the specific intention of balancing your Heart Chakra. 


Scent: Rose

Adds: Rose petals

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Chakra : Heart (Anahata)


The Heart Chakra is located right over your heart / middle of your chest. This energy center is responsible for self love, compassion, peace and selflessness.

Affirmation: I am giving and receiving love effortless and unconditionally. I forgive myself and others , I am worthy of love.


Our chakras may become blocked, overactive or underactive.


Imbalances in this energy center may show up as you looking for rewards, not being able to accept love, and/ or feelings of helplessness or loneliness .


Physical symptoms from imbalance may include:


Respiratory issues

Upper back pain

Shoulder Pain


Emotional and mental symptoms from imbalance may include


Trust issues

Sacrificing self for others

Craving social interaction too often



Poor boundaries

Falling in love too quickly and frequently


  • We are committed to sourcing all of our materials used ethically.

    We strive to ensure that we are sourcing the right materials for you and we are constantly researching and improving our relationships with suppliers to ensure that this is happening.

    All products are cleansed and energetically charged before we send them out to you.

    We are also committed to using sustainable packaging where ever is possible, most of our packaging is recyclable. Any plastic packaging that we use, like bubble wrap for example is reused from our suppliers.