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Help Your Child Find Focus With Beta Wave KIDS.

This herbal blend is helpful for your child's mind and body. It assists the body in managing stress, calming the nervous system, and supporting cognition, resulting in better focus, attention, and relaxation.

Beta Wave KIDS | Wellness Elixir Drops

  • This alcohol-free, liquid herbal tincture is made for children to support focus & attention, and promote calm and relaxation. It contains adaptogens, nootropics, and nervine herbs to calm the nervous system and promote cognitive function. The formula is gentle enough for daily use and contains only three main ingredients: an organic proprietary blend of herbs, organic glycerin, and purified water.


    + Made with only pure, raw materials with no unnecessary fillers

    + There's no bad stuff —The remedy is free of contaminants, unspecified materials, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes

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