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As a certified reiki and energy practitioner, Kishawnna has dedicated her life to helping others find balance and healing in their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. With years of experience and a deep understanding her spiritual gifts, she has honed her skills to become an expert tarot reader, with a unique ability to offer guidance and insight that is both accurate and empowering.


Kishawnna has helped clients overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, and has earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate healer. Whether you're struggling  or simply seeking guidance on your life path, Kishawnna has the skills and intuition to help you find your way.


Hi, I'm Kishawnna , and I've been reading tarot cards for over 10 years. My passion for the art of divination began when I was age 15,  and I've since honed my skills through countless readings and extensive study.

My approach to tarot is grounded in empathy, intuition, and a deep understanding of symbolism.

I believe that every reading is a unique conversation between myself and my clients, and I strive to create a safe and supportive space for exploration and discovery.

Whether you're facing a specific challenge or seeking more general insight, I can offer you the guidance and clarity you need to move forward with confidence. My readings are honest, compassionate, and tailored to your individual needs.

If you're ready to for spiritual guidance, I invite you to book a session with me today.

Let's explore what the cards have in store for you here

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