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Self Financed



General Information


Provider of holistic wellness products and services intended to help people manage their overall wellbeing. All products are organic and intended to be used as a supplemental extension to self care routines.

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E-commerce | Consumer

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Ownership Status

Privately Held

Financing Status



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The public facing technology platform launched in June 2020 and has undergone two tech enhancements to date. Our employee growth is contingent upon revenue which directly impacts product demand and scale. Current challenges and areas of opportunity are Product Development, Employee Growth and Fundraising.

Growth Signals


Dec 2020 vs Jan 2021


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Product Sales

Avg Order Value Over Time.png

Total Sales increased 301% and Number of Orders increased 279% month over month between Dec 2020 to Jan 2021. Growth is attributed to the second tech enhancement and release of new products. Revenue was impacted by availability of product inventory. 

User Retention

Dec 2020 vs Jan 2021

returning visitors dec _ jan.png
returning visitors 30 day.png

Our platform continued to see an influx of new visitors and increased visitor retention by 13% between Dec 2020 and Jan 2020. Product availability is key component for attracting new visitors and retaining existing customers.

Comparison Companies

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The list of companies above have comparable product offerings, are comparable in structure and size. All of these companies have received significant press, but some have limited scale due to inability to keep up with consumer demand.

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