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Kionna Cooper, founder of "Ki Meishon" and "The Healing Well" is an intuitive guide and medium that uses an integrative approach to energy healing, incorporating various modalities, determining which are most beneficial to the needs of each individual. Kionna is devoted to healing the mind, body and soul by balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. 


​Ki Meishon 's mission is to offer you tools to refine your own self-care practices, so that wellbeing is accessible to you whenever you need it. By supporting your unique healing journey, the hope is that together, we can empower you to connect with a deep sense of wellbeing, at home and wherever you go.

Ki Meishon was founded to help promote balance and facilitate healing in your body, mind, and spirit through a variety of holistic wellness modalities, including energy healing, crystal healing, essential oils, herbalism, breathwork, and meditation.

Ki Meishon encompasses vibrational healing, building genuine connections by creating space and curating events, and providing  a variety of hand made products that are intentionally created to impact you holistically on an energetic level.

Ki Meishon's brand focus:

  • getting to the (energetic ) root of the problem

  • mind + body+ soul connection 

  • achieving total body wellness

  • raising consciousness / increasing awareness 

  • preventative tools to derail negative physical manifestations

  • self care products

  • healing tools

  • healing on a cellular and molecular level

  • emotional release 

  • dedication to building community + connection 

  • to help other's step into their own personal power 

Organic. Intentional. Soul Deep.

It's a lifestyle.