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Elevate Your Wellness Journey

with transformative self care.

We embrace the holistic approach to eliminate toxins with nature inspired elements that restore the natural harmony of your mind, body and spirit



Butter for Body nourishing fruit and seed butter


Chlorophyll Wellness Drops


Breathe Deep Mist


We specialize in the integration of natural elements and holistic practices that focus on bringing the mind, body, and soul into harmony.





The advantages of sound healing are numerous and relate to the various ailments that it can be used to treat. Our clients have reported feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and experiencing better sleep after just a few sessions of sound healing. We utilize sound healing in our energy sessions as it is thought to release and eliminate blockages and toxins, enhancing the healing process.

Sparked by creation, grounded by intuition.     Sparked by creation, grounded by intuition.      Sparked by creation, grounded by intuition.    



Ki Meishon was founded with the simple passion of helping people maintain a balanced and nourished lifestyle, using healthy remedies and every day rituals.  Recognizing that everything is energy, KM focuses on the essential energy points of the body as uses these maps as tools to create holistic products and facilitate in person healing sessions. As a brand, we hope to create awareness, inspire lifestyles, and create positive change in our communities.



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